SUBARU CROSSTREK:Check these Crazy Colors Collection

Sabaru is one of the most trusted brands in cars for last decade. It has won several awards for its safety and durability . People who have got this car never want to part with it for its low-cost maintenance, therefore it’s the best value for money brand to invest in.  So take your loved one for a long tuff road holiday, or find love with the cross trek and this car will not disappoint you ever.

With a superb mileage of 33 KMPH and a drive range of over 500 miles, it’s a beauty.

This car includes exclusive features

Remote engine starts with climate control.

Start link for navigation, scheduling appointments.

Enjoy your favorite music for all Apple & Android devices, voice commands for navigation, phone, and music.

55.3 cubic feet with seats down and standard roof rails and extra-large room for long journey.

What all colors options you can have

Crystal Black Silica, Cool Gray Khaki, Horizon Blue Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Magnetite Gray Metallic, Pure Red, Plasma Yellow Pearl, Crystal White Pearl, Lagoon Blue Pearl.

Subaru Crosstrek Crystal Black Silica

Subaru Crosstrek Crystal Black Silica

This dark black color reminds one of intermediate of salt and pepper and the colors of high silica content gives this car an iron solid black color. The dark granite luster given by Silica makes it a very deep cozy color.

Subaru Crosstrek Cool Gray Khaki

This Cool Gray Khaki is a result mix of Black and white and just a tint of Blue, which is what gives it a nice and cool look. With the black glass windows and pitch black tyres the car look chique. If it was for me I would team it up with neutral khaki seat covers to give a real classy look.

Subaru Crosstrek Horizon Blue Pearl
Subaru Crosstrek Horizon Blue Pearl

The blue pearl represents the famous 3 T’s, which are Truth, Trust, Tranquility. This blue color with a tint of silver is a strong color surely to give you courage to take those long tough roads for a trek.

Subaru Crosstrek  Ice Silver Metallic

Subaru Crosstrek Ice Silver Metallic

This color is a very glamorous, graceful, sophisticated color. The two shades of ice grey and silver give it’s a very elegant look. It almost reminds me of my precious silver jewelry very close to my heart. So go for the ice silver metallic jewel.

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Subaru Crosstrek Magnetite Gray Metallic

Subaru Crosstrek Magnetite Gray Metallic

This magnetite is a real gem of a color. It’s a blackish gray along with a tint of brown and metallic luster. This matrix of silvery black color is a treat to the eyes and very very tempting.

Subaru Crosstrek Pure Red

Subaru Crosstrek Pure Red

This is a very hemoglobin red blood cells color, With a little bit of oxygen evaporated.  I wouldn’t do the mistake of calling it a cherry red for sure. In fact, I would call it a very electromagnetically aggressive deep red color for young entrepreneur

Subaru Crosstrek Lagoon Blue Pearl

Subaru Crosstrek Lagoon Blue Pearl

If pure red color is the hemoglobin color then this Plasma Yellow is the liquid portion of the blood the yellow plasma. This yellow with a tint of greenish-brown beautifully outstanding young color. Surely to make you feel young once again.

Subaru Crosstrek Crystal White Pearl

Subaru Crosstrek Crystal White Pearl

As the name is this is a pearl white with a tint of pale white metallic finish. I would also like to look at it as an organic diamond with a metallic finish. I  just love the interaction of creamy pearl and the pale white it’s an awesome color to go for.

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What are SUBARU CROSSTREK colors?

SUBARU CROSSTREK is available in Eight different colors – Crystal Black Silica, Cool Gray Khaki, Horizon Blue Pearl, Ice Silver Metallic, Magnetite Gray Metallic, Pure Red, Lagoon Blue Pearl, Crystal White Pearl.

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