Subaru Ascent Colors: Choose From These 8 Incredible Colors To Adorn Your Car

Subaru Ascent is a Japanese word meaning “unite” Kenji Kita Chikuhei Nakajima is the founder of Subaru Ascent. It was founded in Japan, Tokyo July 15, 1953. Subaru Ascent is originally owned by Toyota. It was originally an Australian company.

Subaru ascent has a few unique features:

  1. It is quite practical and comfortable.
  2. It provides superior handling, increased efficiency, and a faster response to changing road conditions.
  3. With 8.7 inches of ground clearance and standard X-Mode, it can handle any terrain.
  4. It includes a large selection of racking attachments, allowing you to bring all of the equipment you’ll need to all of the areas you’ll be able to visit.
  5. The Subaru Ascent offers a second-row bench seating option for up to eight people.


  • Abyss Blue Pearl
  • Crystal Black Silica
  • Cinnamon Brown Pearl
  • Crimson Red Pearl
  • Ice Silver Metallic
  • Magnetite Gray Metallic
  • Tungsten Metallic
  • Crystal White Pearl

Subaru Ascent Abyss Blue Pearl:

Subaru Ascent Abyss Blue Pearl

This style of vehicle exudes confidence and stability. One of the most popular automobile colors is Abyss Blue Pearl. It’s a darker shade than softly matches the contours of a car. It looks best with metallic accents in pearl white, dark gray, or gray. The abyss blue pearl has a much more articulated metallic influence on different tones than the metallic impact on different tones, thus it resembles a dismal blue in many light situations.

Subaru Ascent Crystal Black Silica:

Subaru Ascent Crystal Black Silica

Starting with the most popular shade, Crystal Black Silica is unlike anything else on the market. Because it is a traditional color, it stands out from the crowd and is, therefore, more appealing and noticeable when compared to the others.

Subaru Ascent Cinnamon Brown Pearl:

Subaru Ascent Cinnamon Brown Pearl

If you plan to buy a Toyota 86, then select the shiny car color white liquid to add perfection to your look. The metallic dark is the same and looks similarly awful when filthy contrasted with the customary dark; when clean, the metallic dark doesn’t look as staggering.

Subaru Ascent Crimson Red Pearl:

Subaru Ascent Crimson Red Pearl

The crimson red is the same and appears to be equally terrifying when filthy; however, when clean, the metallic dark does not appear to be as threatening. In ancient cultures, colors were so potent that red objects were supposed to communicate health simply by their color. The rich crimson red pearl shade may elicit invigorating feelings.

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Subaru Ascent Ice Silver Metallic:

Subaru Ascent Ice Silver Metallic


When a metallic tone is applied, it gives the impression of newly polished metal. Metals are known for their glistening sparkle, which is a visual impression that many people connect with them. Because the glittering effect is the material’s magnificence shifting with the surface point to the light source, a simple, strong shading can’t replicate it.

Subaru Ascent Magnetite Gray Metallic:

Subaru Ascent Magnetite Gray Metallic


Metallic Gray is the ideal neutral because it can bring a color scheme together by balancing out stronger hues. In some lighting conditions, the shading appears to be nearly black; but, in direct sunlight, the shading’s dim base and striking metallic quality are clearly visible.

Subaru Ascent Tungsten Metallic:

Subaru Ascent Tungsten Metallic

Tungsten has a glossy grayish-white color. Tungsten metallic is the way to go for a gleaming pride. It is a symbol of pride and your personal choices that distinguishes you from others. This is one of the most stunning colors we’ve ever seen. When the model is running down the street, she appears to be very royal and gorgeous. This is the most popular color among the general public.

Subaru Ascent Crystal White Pearl:

Subaru Ascent Crystal White Pearl


Pearl is a light grayish color. It’s a representation of a pearl’s natural color. White is a blemish-free material that casts a beautiful shadow and reflection. A shade is a pure shade that is merged into the dark. It detracts from its delicacy while almost preserving its chromaticity. A fascinating choice for car enthusiasts. Giving it a more opulent air rather than a dynamic one.

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What Colors Do Subaru Ascent car come in?

Subaru Ascent is available in Eight different colors – Abyss Blue Pearl, Crystal Black Silica, Cinnamon Brown Pearl, Crimson Red Pearl,Ice Silver Metallic, Magnetite Gray Metallic, Tungsten Metallic, Crystal White Pearl.

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