SSC: Logo, Tagline, Colors, Website, Paint, Social Handles

Shelby Supercars Inc., popularly known as SSC, was founded by Jerod Shelby in 1998. The company headquarters is situated in  West Richland, in the Tri-Cities, Washington. The company is very much specialized in manufacturing high class and powerful supercars.

SSC Logo

SSC Logo

The Shelby introduces SSC to manufacture a stylish and fastest car. The logos of the company, blue and white checks on the diamond-shaped figure represent a racing flag, which represents speed.

SSC Tagline

A tagline is also known as a slogan, mainly as used in advertising, or as a punchline of a joke. SSC change their tagline time to time, Here is a list of SSC Taglines below:

  • American Ingenuity. World-Renowned Performance.

SSC Car Colors

The company believes in giving a head-to-head competition to Bugatti and Koenigsegg. SSC starts manufacturing the world’s fastest cars. The made artwork by creating this masterpiece. Their Supercar comes in many colors, To check all the details, please click on the link below:

  • SSC Tuatara Colors

Websites and Social Handles

If you are interested in getting updates from SSC, you can follow them on social media platforms given below, and if you want to contact them, you go through their official website given below.

Official Website:

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