Shelby: Logo, Tagline, Colors, Website, Paint, Social Handles

Shelby – An American automobile company very much popular worldwide for its design, engineering, and products. The company was founded by Carroll Shelby, who is a racing car enthusiast. The company rules the market and heart of the riders. Shelby also helped Ford in 1966 to participate in the World Manufacturers Championship.

Shelby Logo

Shelby Logo

Shelby Cobra used a “Cobra Snake”, as it goes with the name.

Shelby Tagline

A tagline is also known as a slogan, especially as used in advertising, or as a punchline of a joke. Currently, Shelby doesn’t have any tagline, our team will update here once they publish any tagline.

Shelby Colors

Shelby is known for making vintage and powerful cars. All there models and cars are loved by the people in the market. They never fail to provide luxury in their cars. For more details see below:

Shelby Mustang Colors

Shelby Mustang is one of the most popular car series. They come in many colors like white, black, red, green, and many more. To check all the available colors options please click on the link below:

  • Carroll Shelby Signature Edition Colors
  • Shelby Super Snake Colors
  • Shelby GT Colors
  • Shelby Wide Body Colors
  • Shelby GT-S Sixt Colors
  • Shelby GT350 Colors
  • Shelby GT500 Colors
  • Shelby GT500 Dragon Snake Concept Colors

Shelby CSX Series Cobras Colors

Power and luxury at the same time. For more details please click on the link below:

  • Shelby 427 Cobra Colors
  • Shelby 289 FIA Cobra Colors
  • Shelby 289 Street Cobra Colors
  • Daytona Coupe (CSX9000) Colors
  • Shelby GT40 Colors

Shelby Heritage Fords Colors

Vintage and spacious cars loved by almost all car lovers. Click on the link below to know best suitable colors for you:

  • OVC 65 GT350R Colors
  • 50th 1968 GT500KR Colors
  • 1965 GT350 Colors

Shelby Pickup Truck Colors

Shelby also produces powerful pickup trucks. For all the details please click on the link below:

  • Shelby F-150 Super Snake Sport Colors
  • Shelby F-150 Super Snake Colors
  • Shelby F-150 Colors
  • Shelby Raptor Colors

Websites and Social Handles

If you are interested to get updates from Shelby you can follow them on social media platforms given below and if you want to contact them you go through their official website given below.

Official Website:
Twitter: N/A

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