Mini Cooper Countryman Colors: Do You Have A Car Color Addiction

The MINI Cooper Countryman is the biggest, most spacious, and most adventure-ready MINI ever created. It is built to withstand everything your trip throws at it. All of this is made possible by the very strong MINI Twin Power Turbo engine. Because of its smooth and strong performance, it provides you with increased dependability and responsiveness. Every outside surface, in addition, generates powerful visual energy. It offers both comfort and power, as seen by the dramatic front bumper design and air intakes, as well as the unique headlamps. In addition, it has enough room for five people, their baggage, and a boot full of memories that you’ll collect along the way. Explore the possibilities of where your creativity will lead you today.

As a result of the luxury cockpit design, your driving experience is both adaptable and elegant, as well as exhilarating at times. With its stunning 8.8-inch (22.35-centimetres) display, the dash console takes center stage in the vehicle. It’s the ideal location for your in-car navigation system and entertainment system. It combines the power of your whole MINI into a simple-to-use command center that offers a wide range of cutting-edge technological possibilities. Even the most difficult terrain is transformed into an exercise in comfort, enjoyment, and elegance thanks to a custom-made experience.


  • The Petrol engine is 1998 cc
  • It is available with Automatic transmission.
  • Cooper Countryman has a mileage of 14.34 km/ltr & Ground clearance of Cooper Countryman is 149mm.
  •  5 seater 4 cylinder car and has a length of 4299 mm.
  • Width of 1822 mm and a wheelbase of 2595mm.


Mini Cooper Countryman is available in 5 different colors –

  • Chili Red,
  • White Silver
  • Metallic Sage Green,
  • Midnight Black Metallic and
  • Island Blue.

Mini Cooper Countryman Chili Red:

Mini Cooper Countryman Chili Red

Chilli red is the Pantone supplement for Red chill. These two hues are located to the right and left of Red chili on the RGB shading wheel, with a 30° separation on one or the other side of the color wheel.

Mini Cooper Countryman White Silver:

Mini Cooper Countryman White Silver

The white silver color is predominantly a shade of grey that belongs to the color family of silver. Because of the feldspar in it, it reflects somewhat white and delicate light. In addition to being a new material, white also creates beautiful shadows and reflections. White is the most difficult color for most people to choose since there are so many options.

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Mini Cooper Countryman Metallic Sage Green:

Mini Cooper Countryman Metallic Sage Green

This hue has an innate feeling of elegance, while still being infinitely versatile in terms of styling. Many of us regard it as one of our all-time favorite films and television series. This hue has a separate dynamic zone of its own, which you are welcome to investigate more. A delicate pearl sheen adorns the piece’s surface, making it highly pleasing to the eye.

Mini Cooper Countryman Midnight Black Metallic:

Mini Cooper Countryman Midnight Black Metallic

Another hue that can only be purchased with Momentum or Inscription detailing, although this will not discourage many prospective purchasers from buying it. With elements of steel and beige, it’s a vibrant hue that goes well with everything in the Enclave, notably the tranquil Scandinavian interior design. This hue should be more filth and grime resistant than the metallic or black selections; nonetheless, it may need more regular cleaning than the silver or white ones.

Mini Cooper Countryman Island Blue:

Mini Cooper Countryman Island Blue

Starting with the most sought-after color, Island blue is unlike any other available on the market. Because it is a classic color, it differentiates itself from the others and is thus more appealing when compared to the others. Having a brilliantly black and shining car will quickly set you out as a well-heeled person. No one can compete with the elegance and luminosity that black envelops you with.

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What are the colors of the Mini Cooper Countryman?

Mini Cooper Countryman is available in Five different colors – Chili Red, White Silver, Metallic Sage Green, Midnight Black Metallic, Island Blue.

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