Lexus ES Colors: It’s Not My Color, It’s Yours

Lexus ES is a five-seater luxury car. This luxury sedan has evolved a lot and has become comfortable. Its incredible performance and design features make this sedan unique. It Provides a different range of various trim options to provide whatever drivers seek. Its eye-grabbing features and its bold look make Lexus es unique. It has an elegant appearance with stylish wheels and slender units of the headlamp. Lexus glides smoothly over the rough and uneven path and provides an enjoyable ride.


  • It comes with an EV drive mode.
  • Its tachometer can convert into an eco meter very easily.
  • SRs airbags
  • It has wide-angle cornering lights.
  • Comes with hand-free power back door
  • Spacious and good-looking comfortable seats.
  • Standard tech and safety features.
  • Comes with an advanced Es Set
  • Provides mileage of 22.37 km
  • Comes with Ultra Led headlights.

What colors does Lexus ES come in?

Lexus ES, a luxury compact SUV comes in six different colors. The colors offered by this car are exciting and sophisticated. Your car speaks through its color and hence it is important to choose the right color for your car. This article will help you choose the right color for your car. The six colors of Lexus ES are as follows:-

  •  Sonic Iridium
  •  Sonic Titanium
  •  Deep Blue Mica
  •  Graphite Black Glass Flake
  •  Sonic Quartz
  •  Sonic Chrome

Lexus ES Sonic Iridium:

Lexus ES Sonic Iridium

Sonic iridium is a pretty silver color. The greatness of brilliant silver metallic can never be clarified with words. It radiates contrasting shadows which help to accentuate its shape. If you are looking for something timeless and elegant you can consider buying this color.

Lexus ES Sonic Titanium:

Lexus ES Sonic Titanium

It is a shade of silver and lies between Nebula Gray Pearl & Silver Lining. You don’t have to worry about hiding dirt as this does the job. For someone who likes a mature and sophisticated color is your color to go for Sonic Titanium.

Lexus ES Deep Blue Mica:

Lexus ES Deep Blue Mica

This color is a deep and darker shade of cyan blue. Blue is considered to be quite a flexible shade for the auto market because of unobtrusive changes in tone. For someone who wants a color that stands out and looks luxurious then Deep Blue Mica is your color.

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Lexus ES Graphite Black Glass Flake:

Lexus ES Graphite Black Glass Flake

This black looks very classy and different. It has a glass flake texture in it. When driving down streets it will make a lot of heads turn. So you can consider Buying Graphite Black Glass Flake for your Lexus.

Lexus ES Sonic Quartz:

Lexus ES Sonic Quartz

It is white. This color provides a sense of congruity and tenacity. Car with white color looks simple and sophisticated. It will be a desirable option.

Lexus ES Sonic Chrome:

Lexus ES Sonic Chrome

Sonic chrome is a gray color with a high glossy metallic texture in it. This color provides a sense of luxe and class. If you are looking for a similar option this will be an amazing pick and you will not regret buying it.

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What are Lexus ES colors?

Lexus ES is available in Six different colors – Sonic Iridium, Sonic Titanium, Deep Blue Mica, Graphite Black Glass Flake, Sonic Quartz, Sonic Chrome.

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