Kia Telluride Colors : Explore Colors for your Car

Telluride nightfall edition is a premium stretch and unwind luxury car. It specially includes premium and SX trims. It is a standard 8 passenger setter that is sure to make your friends and neighbors envy… As it comes with premium Nappa leather seat trims, with 2-inch alloy wheels, Available led headlights for night and Ava Amber led daylights. Head-up displays of 10.2-inch touch screens helps you not to take eyes off the road and keeping you safe on your long journeys.

This car includes exclusive features

Comes with USB charge parts stand in all 3 rows

Available with wireless charger

Seat trims in 9 color captions

And 4 different modes of driving – Comfort, eco, sport,smart4

Blindspot view monitor

Assist wit Rcca

Safe exit assistance

HDA highway driving assistance

Reverse and forward parking assistance

What all colors options you can have

Everlasting Silver, Dark Moss, Gravity Gray, Ebony Black, Black Copper, Sangria, Glacial Pearl White, Wolf Gray.

Kia Telluride EverLasting Silver

Kia Telluride Ever Lasting Silver

It’s just an  Awwh! Breathtaking color to look at with the tint of blue in silver. It’s my personal favorite. So if you like that two-tone kind color then this is the color you want to buy.

Kia Telluride Dark Moss

Kia Telluride Dark Moss

This is such a fall-winter very vivid moss green reminds me of the fall/winter. This is a few degrees lighter then the dark forestry green and few degrees darker then the leafy greens. This green with a tint of yellow in it make you feel cozy in the fall weather.

Kia Telluride Gravity Gray

Kia Telluride Gravity Gray

This is a very elegant balanced gravity gray. Gray is the perfect neutral, as it can moderate brighter hues and pull a color scheme together. This chique gray and keeps you emotionally detached from black.

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Kia Telluride Ebony black

Kia Telluride Ebony black 

Ebony isn’t just a sharp black color. This is a timeless beautiful and sharp dark rich brown-black color. Ebony gives you the sense of seriousness, elegances, and prestige and defines the seriousness and classiness.

Kia Telluride Black copper

Kia Telluride Black copper

This is an awesome color that just reminds you of dark chocolate mixed with handful of blueberries and that’s exactly the shade this is. It’s a take your spouse for a night drive and you will see that red /copper metallic luster dance in dark.

Kia Telluride Sangria

Kia Telluride Sangria

Just as its name sangria mix of red and white wine drink of Spain. It is slightly purplish and reddish in color. Sangria is a color if set on fire it would look like burnt red color. It is a Muah! Color. For sure a head-turner.

Kia Telluride Glacial White Pearl

Kia Telluride Glacial White Pearl

This is an inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile color. It’s an all-time favorite of many of us. if I compare it with ebony and sangria this color comes with its own dynamic space. With is slight pearl luster it’s a beauty to look at.

Kia Telluride Wolf gray

Kia Telluride Wolf gray

Just as the creature this is a majestic wolf gray color. That wolf gray color with black glasses and the Led lights just reminds you of a cold dark winter night with a wolf majestically standing in moonlight out there. Just like tremendously faithful wolves this color will never let you down. 

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What are Kia Telluride colors?

Kia Telluride is available in Eight different colors – EverLasting Silver, Dark Moss, Gravity Gray, Ebony black, Black copper, Sangria, Glacial White Pearl, Wolf gray.

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