Ford Explorer Colors: Best Selling Colors For Your Car

The Ford Explorer is also an SUV among a list of numerous SUVs being produced by Ford. This SUV has a seating capacity of 7 seats accommodated in 3 rows. The seating capacity of this SUV makes it a decent choice for a family car. This SUV is also capable of storing a decent amount of luggage in it which also makes it suitable for road trips. The maximum power capacity of this car is 300 hp, having a four-cylinder 2.3L engine. But another engine is also available with this car whose power capacity is 400 hp with the twin-turbo V-6 hybrid engine. This car comes up with an average of 27 mpg in the city drive while it offers 29 mpg in the highway drive. Whereas the all-drive provides 24 and 25 mpg respectively in the city and highway drive respectively.

The Ford Explorer comes up with a 10.1-inch LCD touch panel that will be very comfortable and fun to use. You can make phone calls, play music, navigate through the roads, and do many other activities that you do generally on your smartphone. The seats of this SUV also offer a massage feature that will prevent you from being tired on long drives. The massage facility is available only for the rider and the front passenger. You can also select up to 5 different drive modes on this SUV which are Eco, Normal, Sport, Deep Sand/ Deep snow, and Slippery.

Ford Explorer Colors

The Ford Explorer SUV is available in a wide variety of colors that are very appealing and attractive to its customers. We have prepared a list of colors that are available for the Ford Explorer model:-

  • Stone Blue
  • Agate Black
  • Burgundy Velvet
  • Forged Green
  • Iconic Silver
  • Rapid red
  • Star white
  • Carbonized Gray

Let us talk about each of these colors in brief.

Ford Explorer Stone Blue:

Ford Explorer Stone Blue

Atlas tone is a color having a purple tone which has a dark shade of blue color. This color adds a very premium look to the SUV. This color also adds a very shiny finish to the exterior of the Ford Explorer SUV. One should definitely choose this color shade when looking for a classy color for their Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer Agate Black:

Ford Explorer Agate Black

There is no doubt about the fact that Black is one of the most premium, classy and shiny colors. This color is a shiny and darker shade of black color which makes the car look shinier than any other color. This color will definitely be the first choice for the people who love premium colors on their Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer Burgundy Velvet:

Ford Explorer Burgundy Velvet

This color is a shade of the Burgundy and purple colors. This is light-shaded color with a metallic tone giving the SUV more of a decent and elegant look. The Burgundy Velvet color looks like a metallic color shade which looks very beautiful on the SUV.

Ford Explorer Forged Green:

Ford Explorer Forged Green

This color is a beautiful shade of green color which is mesmerizing to view. This color gives an adventurous look to the SUV. Forged Green also signifies the strength and the capabilities of the Ford Explorer. This color will be very much loved by the people who like adventurous and rough rides.

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Ford Explorer Iconic Silver:

Ford Explorer Iconic Silver

The iconic silver is a dark tone of the white color having a silver-ish touch to it. This color definitely adds a premium touch to the SUV. This color will be a perfect fit for people loving premium color tones and shades in their SUV.

Ford Explorer Rapid Red:

Ford Explorer Rapid Red

Rapid red is a darker tone of the red color. This color tone adds a sporty look to your SUV which also looks very classy. This color tone is one of the most beautiful and loved color tones available for the Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer Star White:

Ford Explorer Star White

This color makes the Ford Explorer a perfect beauty to have in your garage. This is a very light shade of white color which adds a very special and premium look to your SUV. The metallic and shiny look of this color makes the SUV look very beautiful. This color is a must for people loving the beautiful and aesthetic looks of their SUV.

Ford Explorer Carbonized Gray:

Ford Explorer Carbonized Gray

As the name suggests that this color is a gray color shade. However, this color is actually blackish gray which looks very attractive to the viewers. The metallic and shiny finish of this color is very much appreciated by Ford Explorer buyers.

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What are the colors of the Ford Explorer?

Ford Explorer is available in Eight different colors – Stone Blue, Agate Black, Burgundy Velvet, Forged Green, Iconic Silver, Rapid Red, Star White, Carbonized Gray

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