Audi E-Tron GT Colors: Is Your Hue Superior To Ours?

For the first time in India, the Audi e-Tron GT has been offered at a starting price of Rs 1.80 crore (ex-showroom). The all-electric Audi is equipped with a 93.4kWh battery pack that powers a dual-motor configuration, and it features an all-wheel powertrain as standard. It ranges up to 500 kilometers under the World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

At present, thee-Tron GT doesn’t have any direct competitors in India, but it will eventually face off against the Porsche Taycan and the Mercedes EQS, among others.

The Audi e-Tron GT is propelled by two electric motors supported by a 93.4kWh battery pack that generates 530PS and 640 Nm of torque. It has an electric all-wheel powertrain and four-wheel steering as standard equipment (optional). The all-electric Audi accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.1 seconds and has a peak speed of 245 kilometers per hour. According to the manufacturer, in terms of the WLTP-claimed range, the e-Tron GT can travel up to 500km on a single charge. Charging options include a 22kW alternating current charger and a 270kW direct current charger. A DC charging device can charge the e-Tron from 5-80% in 23 minutes, which can be used immediately. Customers who purchase an e-Tron GT will get a 22kWh home charger.


  • Audi offers the e-Tron GT with features such as a 10.1-inch MMI touch infotainment system, a Bang and Olufsen sound system, and connected car tech.
  • adaptive cruise assist, voice control, tri-zone climate control, a panoramic glass roof, and powered front seats.
  • Safety is taken care of by ABS, remote park assist, a 360-degree camera, lane departure warning, rear differential lock, and Electronic Stabilization Control.

Audi e-Tron GT is available in 8 different colors –

  • Ascari Blue Metallic
  • Suzuka Gray Metallic
  • Daytona Gray Pearl Effect
  • Tango Red Metallic
  • Kemora Gray Metallic
  • Floret Silver Metallic
  • Tactical Green Metallic
  • Ibis White Solid

Audi e-Tron GT Ascari Blue Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Ascari Blue Metallic

This shade is one of the most stunning tones that can be found everywhere. When the model is out on the streets, she seems to be regal and charming. People choose this shade more than any other since it is so appealing to them.

Audi e-Tron GT Suzuka Gray Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Suzuka Gray Metallic

A luminous shading with a variety of tones. With this diversity in shading, the black shade seems to be much more stunning. This is one of my most treasured shadings.

Audi e-Tron GT Daytona Gray Pearl Effect:

Audi e-Tron GT Daytona Gray Pearl Effect

A luminous shading with a variety of tones. With this diversity in shading, the black shade seems to be much more stunning. This is one of my most treasured shadings.

Audi e-Tron GT Tango Red Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Tango Red Metallic

What a beautiful shading job that adds a royal touch to the model’s appearance. In terms of color and shading, this is one of the most unique options available, and it makes your car model even more beautiful.

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Audi e-Tron GT Kemora Gray Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Kemora Gray Metallic

There’s something really enticing and sparkly about this tone. Kemora gray is an exceptional alternative for someone who wants to try something new from the usual scattered bits.

Audi e-Tron GT Floret Silver Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Floret Silver Metallic

The colors are beautiful, and the tones are wonderful. This color scheme gives the car a highly royal and stylish appearance.

Audi e-Tron GT Tactical Green Metallic:

Audi e-Tron GT Tactical Green Metallic

Because of its significance and sovereignty, no one needs a meaning for the tactical green tone. Tactical green communicates the message about you, the person, and the consequences of your choices.

Audi e-Tron GT Ibis White Solid:

Audi e-Tron GT Ibis White Solid

The white tone in this model is quite smooth, and it lends a more refined appearance to the model. It is very nearly a late spring interest for every one of the customers, who make a concerted effort to avoid the use of white tone in their designs.

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What are the colors of the Audi E-Tron GT?

Audi E-Tron GT is available in Eight different colors – Ascari Blue Metallic, Suzuka Gray Metallic, Daytona Gray Pearl Effect, Tango Red Metallic, Kemora Gray Metallic, Floret Silver Metallic, Tactical Green Metallic, Ibis White Solid.

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