Best Car Colors

What are the latest car color trends? How my car color can affect my personality? I am planning to purchase a new car and confused in choosing the Best Car Color for myself? 

On this Website we are here to help you out to get the answers for all the above questions.

Looks? In this modern world people consider their social status most important and that can only be increase by luxurious item one own. It all matters how that item looks. Because first people judge anything by its cover.
Similarly at the time buying cars people are already aware of what features they want, but confusion lies when it comes to which color of car to buy. For some people color of a car doesn’t even matter but ones a survey was conducted and it proved opposite. Color of car matters to people. According to the report of 2012 DuPout, Auto motor color popularity, most demanded color is white followed by other colors like: black, silver, grey and red.

A survey was conducted in US, which shows that silver color car is preferred by 23% people, white color car is preferred by 15% people and black color car is preferred by 12% people.

Although there is no hard and fast rule that you must follow this but you should always consider your choice and preference first. For choosing a car color you can consider various other factor:

1) Follow the Trends
Colors matter in every industry whether it is the fashion industry or an automobile. People tend to follow the trend. But these trend keep on changing, so we should consider a colors which is classy and can never go out of trend because buying a car is a long term investment and one cannot change it as the trend. In 2000’s silver was the trending color but now a days black and white are considered as everlasting one.

2) Choose according to your personality
If we look at different colors for car buyers. White color is a symbol for a simple people who like things to be clean. For a car buyer it is the color of purity, it is the safest color. But now a days white color is more prone to accidents. But still according to the research by University of Auckland, white is not the safe color. Black color cars are more preferred by business class people, because black color is symbol of power. Silver color is symbol of class and elegance, it is mostly the second preference, as it is shiny enough that it will never go unnoticed even in rush hour. Apart from these three color white, black and silver, people with choice of bold colors considered red color for their new cars.

3) Considering the surroundings you are living in
Before buying a car of your favorite color consider the surroundings you live in. Since people living in dusty areas and preferring white color car is not a right choice because white color catches dust easily. Heat is also an important factor for choosing a right color for the car. Black is considered as the hottest color and white & silver are the coolest.

Below are the stats shown in the form of pi-charts by two industries:-

I. According to a survey conducted by DuPont, car color preference of people in the world

Car Colors

II. According to a survey conducted by PPGG Industries, car color preference of people in the world.

Best Car Colors

Another survey was conducted by US, which showed the color preference of car according to gender. 12% men prefer red color, while 9% women prefer silver. Research also informed that while buying a car, women’s are more practical, while men prefer fast and fun cars.

But choosing a right color car defines the owner’s personality. Giving so much importance to such small decision but it actually give ideas to other people about owner’s attitude and personality. To see whether your car color complement your personality or not. Check out the results below. To be very honest I was shocked by the results. So go check it, color you choose matched your personality or not.